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Author, My Dear Luck

Hello there,

I am Vishakha with work life experience of ten plus years across several corporate offices and another ten plus years as an entrepreneur. My wide and deep work experience, my analytical mind that slices behavior patterns and my extensive reading is the basis of ‘mydearluck.com.’ I am neither a psychologist nor a counselor but just another working woman.

I have been listening to challenges of my ex colleagues, my peers, attendees at my workshops, mentees etc. I say/reply/advice what I believe is logically true and what would help one address the situation.

Mydearluck is designed to help you address work issues that you wish luck had resolved for you. The letters written here are replies to questions posted by employees with work experience ranging from two years to fifteen plus years.

There are a few important things: a) acknowledge you are hassled about an issue. b) share your problem/issue with your company c) do not shy away from asking for a solution even if you think your’s is a very small problem. d) Write here, if you are getting stuck. You can fill up an anonymous form or you can write a mail. e) Mydearluck is a light way to ask a serious question. Just ask for help, ask to grow.

Keep growing!



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